consumer agreement on the use of the store site



• These Terms constitute a binding agreement between you and Global Energy Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and govern your use of the website. The Website and / or related services, including any messages that the Company sends to customers regarding the services offered, are hereinafter referred to as the Platform;

• Personal information that the Company receives from you or third parties is processed in accordce with the Privacy Policy set forth in these Rules (Article No. 11);

• By agreeing to the terms of use of, you also agree to the privacy policy of (Article No. 11);

• By agreeing to the terms of use of, you also agree to the return / exchange policy of (Articles 8 and 9);

• Since the client wants to open a personal account on the platform managed by so that the client can make purchases through the platform and the company sells its products, the company and the client agree to conclude an agreement on the basis of which:

• client opening an account, using it, selling products posted on on its platform, and delivering it to the client, paying the commission by the client, calculating the commission on sales made through the platform, and the payment procedure, as well as closing the account;

• Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the Site;

• All users who want to use the website are required to agree to and abide by the conditions below. Administration reserves the right at any time unilaterally by posting on the same site to make changes to these conditions without the additional consent of the user.

1. Definition of terms

1.1. The terms and definitions used in these Terms have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

1.1.1. Account - means the account registered by the user on the site;

1.1.2. Authorization - means user access to your personal account and includes any actions specified in article 6 of these Terms;

1.1.3. Terms of Use - means these Terms in combination with any other Terms and / or Conditions that these Terms of Use are considered part of these Terms of Use and which govern the User’s access to the Website and its use, including any content, functions and services. Which is offered on the site;

1.1.4. Website - means through which the service is offered;

1.1.5. User - a legal or natural person who meets the requirements set forth in these conditions and wants to purchase company products through the platform;

1.1.6. Company, Ltd., which is registered and exists in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, (registered July 14, 2014, identification number No. 405069688, legal address: Tbilisi, Vake-Saburtalsky District, I. Chavchavadze Ave., No. 37, Building 2a, Apartment 15;

1.1.7. User, users - a user registered on;

1.1.8. Parties - means the company and its customers;

1.1.9. platform is a platform managed by that includes site without any restrictions;

1.1.10. Transaction - any transaction made by the user in connection with a personal account and / or services;

1.1.11. Universal identifiers - a set of data provided to the user, through which he / she registers with the identification system and can use a number of remote services and / or channels of remote services;

1.1.12. Access code (s) - codes, passwords, username, identification code, universal identifiers and / or other confidential information that can provide users with access to various services;

1.1.13. Agreement - an agreement concluded between the client and, which includes these terms and conditions and applications, if any;

1.2. Where context permits, singular words mean the plural and vice versa;

2. Representations and Warranties

By agreeing to these conditions, the User confirms that:

2.1 is a legal entity established in accordance with the legislation of Georgia or is 18 years old

2.2. Has full (unlimited) legal capacity, is not under the influence of drugs, alcohol, psychotropic or toxic substances, is not subject to errors, fraud, pressure, threats or any illegal consequences and is not subject to violence, threats, deceit or other or any third party fully aware of the content of the expression of his will, the essence of the provisions of the Terms and the legal consequences arising from them;

2,3. The Client has the full right (or receives the appropriate authority) to sign and fulfill obligations in accordance with these Terms or any other agreements and applications;

2.4. Get acquainted with the conditions and these conditions are acceptable to him;

2.5. All data provided to them is accurate;

2.6. The user does not participate or does not participate in any illegal actions (including money laundering, arms trafficking, terrorism or other illegal actions stipulated by the legislation of Georgia (including the legislation of Georgia and the country of which he is a consumer);

2.7. When opening a personal account and during the entire term of the contract, its actions and / or actions comply with / will comply with local and / or international legislation;

2.8. His actions are not directed / will not be directed at deceiving and / or any third party. In accordance with this principle, the document and / or the information submitted by it to for concluding an agreement or on its basis and execution will also / will be error-free, accurate and complete;

2.9. He will fulfill his obligations in good faith, in full and in due manner;

2.10. Agrees that after opening a personal account, until the termination of the contract, will search / verify and process any user or related information, including personal information and / or universal identifiers;

2.11. The user must immediately notify in writing of any circumstances that may conflict with his / her statements and / or cause a violation of the above guarantees;

2.12. enters into an agreement on the basis of representations, warranties and obligations contained in these conditions and considers them as conditions of the agreement. Accordingly, a violation of the statements, warranties and obligations under this article after the conclusion of the contract is a sufficient basis for the unilateral refusal of to provide all or any services provided for by the contract.

3. Use the full service by the buyer

3.1. The buyer is registered on the website;

3.2 For registration, the buyer indicates his first name, surname, email address and password that only he knows, and the system does not leave it open, but retains its hashed version, which is not accessible to anyone except the owner;

3.3 In order to complete the process of registration and / or placing an order, the user must select a field that is consistent with the privacy policy and terms of service, the change / refund policy (Articles No. 8 and 9);

3.4 After registration, the buyer selects the desired product or products on the site and adds them to the basket for their purchase;

3.5 To make a purchase, the customer enters additional information on the purchase page: personal number, mobile phone number, actual address, selects the desired delivery and payment methods and completes the purchase process;

3.6. The company has the right to cancel the registration and user account if there is a violation of the requirements of this agreement or the law and dishonest actions;

3.7 Detailed instructions for purchasing and paying online can be found here.

4. Registered Universal Identifiers

4.1. Username - one of the parameters, automatically determined by a centralized identification system, necessary for authorization to receive remote services;

4.2. Password is one of the parameters required for authorization to receive centralized remote service, which is determined by the user when registering in a centralized identification system through the remote service channel (s) or another communication channel selected by The password is subject to further update / change at the discretion of the user;

4.3. Mobile phone number - the phone number to which the user receives one-time access codes and one-time passwords necessary to perform operations defined by the centralized remote service (if any);

4.4. Personal user number - identification number;

4,5. User email address - a unique identifier and email address to which the user receives access codes and passwords (if any) required to perform operations defined by a centralized remote service. In order to receive centralized remote services, a user may need to fulfill an authorization obligation using a simple (using a username and password) or complex (using a username, password and one-time code) authorization method. An authorization method for using each respective channel (s) / remote service is also registered in a centralized identification system;

4.6. In order to improve service and / or security, the Company may identify additional or different user identifiers.

5. Authorization

5.1. After registering an account, the user passes the authorization necessary to use all the features of the website (the presence of his / her profile / account and related functions);

5.2. Authorization is through universal user identifiers.

6. Selecting the desired product by the client, placing and receiving the order

6.1. Without authorization or authorization, users can access various information through the placed navigation buttons.

6.2. Using the navigation buttons, the user selects the desired product category, after which he can filter the data in accordance with the desired price category, product characteristics and / or other proposed data.

6.3. The user selects a specially designed button and puts the desired product in his basket.

6.4. After placing the goods in the basket, the buyer is redirected to the purchase and payment page, where the cost of the goods can be added to the service charge (for example, delivery) of various services.

6.5. Users will be able to receive products purchased through platform within 48 hours after the amount is reflected in the company account.

6.6. The customer has the right to exercise the right to return or exchange the purchased goods in accordance with the attached return / exchange policy (Articles No. 8 and 9).

6.7. Purchased goods are delivered to all regions of Georgia, which the customer can select on the purchase page.

6.8. Delivery terms are as follows:

6.8.1. Plastic card - when paying with VISA / Master Card, delivery from the warehouse is carried out within 24 (twenty four) hours after payment.

6.8.2. In the case of payment by bank transfer on the basis of the invoice, delivery is carried out within 24 (twenty four) hours after the amount is reflected in the seller’s bank account when ordering imported products for all individual products, see Delivery Terms in a separate offer. For import units, delivery dates start from 1 calendar week; the exact dates depend on the specifics of the product, quantity, production time and transportation agreement.

6.8.3. Delivery is carried out at the customer's address, with the addition of individual invoices and the cost of delivery to the invoice.

6.9. In the case of delivery throughout Tbilisi, the delivery rate is calculated offline, after the customer confirms the city and the delivery area. Both payment methods are valid throughout Tbilisi.

6.10. When ordering goods from the regions, the following payment conditions apply: Bank transfer on the account.

6.11. Delivery will be made within 24 (twenty four) hours after the amount is reflected in the seller’s bank account.

6.12. Orders are processed from 10:00 to 18:00. Orders placed after 18 hours are processed the next business day.

7. Payment between and the client

7.1. The customer can pay by credit card, which includes compliance with these conditions.

7.2. The recipient of the transfer when paying by credit card is the company.

7.3. The company will support the client in solving the problem arising when paying by credit card through the Customer Service Center.

7.4 The obligation of the client to the company will be deemed fulfilled from the moment when the cost of a particular product on the part of the client and the commission charged from him are fully reflected in the corresponding bank account of the company.

7.5. The buyer pays with with the following payment methods:

• The online payment function VISA or MASTERCARD is not available on!

• Transfer to a bank account on the basis of the invoice (Note. If the delivery cost is not included in the price, the client must wait until a new invoice is received, in which the calculated delivery cost will be indicated).

8. Terms of change of goods

8.1. The goods are subject to exchange if:

8.1.1 The product has a manufacturing defect (excluding mechanical damage).

8.1.2 The company made a mistake when placing the order, as a result of which you received the wrong model and / or products with incorrect characteristics.

8.1.3 Within 5 (five) days after the order, decide to exchange the purchased goods for another similar model. At this time, please visit the nearest branch and arrange for its exchange for other goods.

8.1.4. If the buyer wants to replace the goods, if the factory packaging of the goods is open, and the diagnosis shows that the goods returned by the buyer retained all the functional characteristics and no visual defects were found, the buyer can replace the goods up to 10% of the possible cost of the goods.

8.2. The company carries out transportation when returning / replacing goods by a client of Global Energy Ltd. when:

• The product does not comply with the procedure and / or technical specifications posted on the site;

• The product has a manufacturing defect;

• The product is damaged during transportation;

• The agreed delivery time was violated by the company;

9. Return policy

9.1. Goods are subject to return within 5 (five) days from the date of purchase if:

9.1.1 The packaging of the goods is not damaged, the appearance of the goods, consumer properties, brands, factory labels, etc. are preserved.

9.1.2 Products not used.

9.2. When returning the goods, you must present a receipt of purchase or any other document confirming payment; As well as customer identification.

9.3. If you want to return an item, please contact the Global Energy Ltd. Information Center. inform in advance about the return of goods;

9.4. To start the process, you need to tell the company the product identifier, order number, order date, date of acceptance of the order and the reason for the return (you may need to upload a product photo and payment confirmation and send it to Global Energy Ltd. by email: return @ globalener

9.5. When returning / replacing a product, the product must be accompanied by all related details and documents that were handed over at the time of purchase (invoice, payment confirmation, warranty card (if any), etc.).

9.6. Ltd, in case of a desire to return the goods purchased by the buyer, is obligated to reimburse the buyer the amount paid by the buyer for the goods:

9.6.1 100% if: the factory packaging of the product is not opened, not damaged and is accompanied by all related details and documents provided at the time of purchase (invoice, confirmation of payment, guarantee list, etc.);

9.6.2 100% - if the product has a manufacturing defect, or the product does not comply with the order and / or technical specifications posted on the website, or the product is damaged during transportation and is accompanied by all related details and documents (invoice, confirmation of payment) Warranty card, etc.).

9.6.3. Up to 90-100% if the product packaging is open, and diagnostics show that the product returned by the buyer has all the functional characteristics and there are no visible defects, as well as all related details and documents transmitted at the time of purchase (invoice), Payment confirmation , warranty sheet, etc.).

9.6.4. Up to 60-80% in case of damage to the factory packaging of the product and / or as a result of diagnostics, it turned out that the product returned by the buyer retained all the functional characteristics, but visual defects were observed.

9.6.5. If, as a result of the diagnostics, it is established that the product to be returned by the buyer has not retained all the functional and / or visual characteristics and / or is not accompanied by all the related details and documents (invoice, payment receipt, guarantee list, etc. ) Reserves the right not to return the goods and therefore not to refund the amount paid for the goods.

9.6.6. Refunds can only be made by bank transfer to the client by crediting to a bank account.

9.6.7. Global energy Ltd. reimburses the buyer for the cost of the purchased product within 105 (ten) business days, except as otherwise provided in the procedure and in the amount specified in clause 10.1 of this article.

9.6.8. 10.1 of this policy. In the case specified in the article, the cost of the customer’s goods will be returned within 5 (five) business days.

10. Rules for reimbursement of the cost of transport services

10.1. The company reimburses the cost of transport services when returning / changing goods by a Global Energy Ltd. customer if:

• The product does not comply with the procedure and / or technical specifications posted on the site;

• The product has a manufacturing defect;

• The product is damaged during transportation;

• the agreed delivery time was violated by the company;

10.2. In all other cases, the cost of transport services is reimbursed by the customer.

11. Privacy Policy

The privacy policy describes how processes the information and data that you provide to us to manage your relations with Any information about you provided to us or otherwise available to us is processed in accordance with this policy. Information can be provided on the website, by telephone or other communication channel. With this document we want to share with you the basis and purpose for which we collect and process your personal data, as well as what legal and technical means we protect them. By accepting the Privacy Policy, you acknowledge and agree that you understand and agree to the processing of your personal data in accordance with this Policy.

11.1. Who are we?

The instructions in the privacy policy on (hereinafter “We” or “Ours”) mean that Global Energy Ltd: 405069688 (hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “We”), operated by S (“site” or “page”). We define the goals and means of processing personal data.

11.2. Who is this document for?

For users of (including former and / or future) or other persons who have shown interest in a particular product or service, our legal representative or contact person. Also, for any other person with whom we do not have direct contact, but whose processing of information is necessary / desirable to carry out our activities and / or improve our products / services.

11.3. How do we collect your data?

• We use so-called off-the-shelf cookies and similar technologies to personalize and enhance your experience. We collect ready-made entries for you to simplify navigation on our websites and other remote platforms, offer information in the right format, improve search parameters, provide user authentication, marketing, optimize website design and better adapt to the user.

• Your use of our official site

• Your adjustment for service and product;

• Your use of our services / products;

• Information obtained from open sources

11.4. In order to effectively fulfill obligations under an agreement between us and the client, including legal obligations, we process your personal data for the following purposes:

• customer relationship management;

• introduce new products and services;

• control the process of using our products;

• conduct marketing activities;

• send activity messages to the site, for example, Notifications of successful approval of a purchase or installment plan, etc.

• monitor customer behavior regarding our products and services;

• develop / improve our brands, products and services;

• Test new products, systems or services;

• For the delivery of quality goods and services;

• Receive feedback from you and respond to complaints;

• abuse our systems and prevent crime;

• prepare reports to identify and investigate crimes;

• manage the risks of us and our customers;

• exercise our rights under contracts and contracts;

• protect our and your legitimate interests;

• For other legal purposes.

11.5. What data do we process?

Information and data about you (note that we do not need to collect, store / use / process the following information. Data) that we can collect, store, use and process may include, but is not limited to, the following data:

• Personal data:

• User account information. When you open (register) your account and use the Services, process / fulfill your order / request, and also for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, we may ask you to provide specific personal information about us, such as: Name, Email. Address, gender, date of birth, actual address, personal number, phone number, etc.

• Voluntary information. We also collect information that we provide voluntarily through various means of communication. For example. When you contact us by e-mail or share additional information about yourself using our website services, such as live chats, with the web support team or provide information about your personal interests.

• Login history and technical information. In order to improve the functioning of the Services and improve the user experience, we collect technical information about your device, including software and hardware (for example, what type of browser and operating system your device uses, what language you use). Preference, login time and domain name of the site from which you refer to services, etc.).

• Device and connection information. If you download software to your device, we may collect information from a specific device that you use for security purposes, as well as to detect and prevent fraud. For example. We may collect information about other software that works with the software to determine if you are using software related to fraudulent activities (e.g. robots, malware, artificial intelligence, etc.), or to check which connection you are using. Or a proxy.

• Analytical information: we may collect information about your use of services, such as using applications, searching for files, user activity (for example, viewing pages, time spent on a specific page, viewing online pages, clicks, actions, etc.) Messages, etc. Information is collected to eliminate incidents, as well as to study and analyze your use of the Services.

• Unidentified information:

• We can identify and anonymize your personal data so that your direct or indirect identification cannot be made. Our use and disclosure of information identified in this way is not subject to the limitations of the Privacy Policy. We may, without limitation, disclose this information to other persons for any purpose.

11.6. How long do we keep your personal data? provides constant and high-quality protection and security of your personal data.

We store your data for the period necessary to achieve the processing goal. If you are no longer a user of, your data will be stored in accordance with the objectives set forth in the policy, legislation and regulations.

11.7. Who do we share your data with?

If necessary, if there is reason to process the data in order to fulfill obligations under the law or the contract, we can share your personal data with other persons associated with the activities of and listed below:

• your legal representative;

• law enforcement or other bodies defined by law;

• third parties whom we ask (or allow) to share your data;

• Third parties for which the exchange of information is necessary to ensure the delivery of the products and services requested by you;

• service providers - companies that provide services to us or provide services on our behalf;

• Any third party required by law.

In order to provide advertising materials (direct marketing) related to services, products, services, websites and applications related to you and of interest to you, we may directly use your personal information, which is limited to your name, email address or number phone.

11.8. Internet Security:

Although we take all necessary measures to ensure information security, in the context of rapid technological development, we are not responsible for the actions of individuals who engage in unauthorized access, misuse or disruption of services. We do not give any explicit, implicit or other guarantees, except that we take all measures to prevent such an invasion.

11.9. External links

The page may contain links to other sites, which may differ from our policies and methods. The fact that we have provided a link to the Site does not mean our approval, authorization, sponsorship or connection with the Site, its owners or suppliers. Links to other pages are provided only to facilitate your experience. We are not responsible for the content, authenticity, privacy policy and reliability of any other websites associated with our website. There is a risk when using any information, products, software and services on the Internet. Make sure you are fully aware of these risks before using these sites on the Internet, trusting them or buying anything.

11.10. You have the right:

• receive information about the processed data about you;

• request correct, update and / or fill in incorrect, inaccurate and / or incomplete data;

• Request termination, deletion or destruction of data processing if:

• request consent, which is the only basis for data processing; To request consent, you can contact us at the email address listed in the "Contacts" column of the site.

• data processing is no longer required for the purpose for which it was processed;

• Data processing is illegal.

• Request a data block if:

• The authenticity or accuracy of the data is disputed;

• Data processing is illegal, but you are against deleting and requesting a lock in response;

• Data is no longer needed to process it, but it may be needed for litigation;

Requests for termination, deletion or destruction of data processing are considered;

• At any time, request consent, which gives us the right to process your data. In this case, we will stop processing if there are no other grounds for data processing legislation;

• Complain about processing, including through the office of the state inspector or in court;

• Limitations of your rights:

• Your rights may be restricted if expressly provided for by law, or the exercise of these rights could jeopardize the important financial or economic interests of the country To carry out the functions and powers of supervisory authorities; Protection of state, commercial, professional and other secrets is provided by law.

11.11. Changes to the privacy policy

Over time, you may need to change our privacy policy. If changes are made, we will post these changes on our websites. The amended personal data protection policy takes effect from the moment of publication on the page. You are required to periodically visit our website and learn about the changed policies in case of changes. When you make changes to the Policy, providing us with your information or using our websites means that you accept the changes.

11.12. terms of Use

Your use of our website constitutes your consent to our use of your personal data, including ready-made records. Privacy policy is an integral part of the terms of the site.

11.13. Your obligations

In order to receive the service, it is necessary to have complete and correct information about you, therefore, in case of any change in the contact and / or other information provided to the company in order to receive the service, please inform us immediately.