About company

Global Energy is a Georgian multi-profile company whose business activities are divided into relevant business categories in the fields of Energy, Import / Export, Online Projects and Investments.

The head office of the company is located in Tbilisi, st. A.Politkovskoy 4

Global Energy is an investor of its kind, whose professional practice and experience specializes in implementing and managing the latest technology, equipment and knowledge.

Global Energy is also an investor in commercial real estate for the creation of chain markets, equipment trading centers and hotels.

The business management team experience has been launched since 2002 and to this day is developing dynamically meeting modern technologies and market demand.

The company employs highly qualified specialists in all areas, the interests and finances of which are protected by advanced consulting companies, financiers and lawyers.

The company’s policy is based on humane and family values for all employees, whose interests and success are actively taken care of including the implementation of safety and security standards both in the office area, also outside it and in the process of servicing projects.

The introduction of modern international standards for our company is of great importance and value, we try to provide those products and services that comply with the most stringent environmental and safety regulations. Ecology is our air!

Global Energy also attracts employees to work together on a remote basis as primary employees and temporary employment projects.

By import direction, the main product categories are the following categories:


  • Electricity production systems, generators from 1 to 3500 kVA
  • Co-generation systems / without power limit
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Electrical switchgears
  • Storage Power Systems
  • Transformer systems
  • Electrical Stabilization Systems
  • Electrical switchgears
  • Electrical and fiber optic cables
  • Systems and equipment for oil and gas
  • Construction equipment
  • Building materials
  • Building an insulation system
  • Construction tools
  • Micro climate systems
  • Industrial climate systems
  • Ready fireplaces, pools, saunas
  • Umbrellas, tents and marquises
  • Gardening equipment and implements
  • Indoor and outdoor systems
  • Sports and Fitness Equipment
  • Theme and Aqua Parks
  • Fountains
  • Pools
  • Surfing Pools
  • HORECA equipment and inventory
  • and other